Siraaj provides holistic Personal and Business Coaching. He uses technologies from East and West, Spirit and Science or Academia to ensure he gets the best out of you.

Are you stuck? scattered? feeling lost? procrastinating endlessly? constantly unwell and feeling down? or successful and need to fly to new highs? Then I offer a unique coaching session in which you may experience:

* Success coaching using a range of powerful tools taught by some of the best coaches in the world including NLP and balancing polarised perspectives.

And in the same session use a range of other modalities to assist in improving your wellbeing and potential, so that your can perform better in the 8 areas of your life.

The following healing modalities are amongst the most powerful in the World (as it is my objective to seek out the highest wisdom, tools and means to serve and provide my clients with the high quality service)

* Quantum BioEnergetic Balancing Technique using Quantum Frequencies

* Tao Soul Energy Healing Tools as taught by Dr and Master Sha

* Emotion Code Tool to release trapped emotions

And there is plenty of other tools that I can empower you with eg Specialised powerful breathing techniques which are used by the eastern masters for increasing healing, wellbeing and vitality. For example google turtle breathing and be amazed at what you can find on the topic of breathing.

Personal Coaching

Coaching is about positive change, freedom and transformation. Coaches help us achieve our dreams and goals. They can motivate and inspire us to lead a life with meaning and purpose.

Coaching is about YOU. It is a process of empowerment in which you take inspired planned action to get better results. There are many lasting benefits including self-growth, more happiness, success, increased emotional intelligence and increased wealth. For  more see the What is Life Coaching? page.

♥ Lasting Inspiration and Movitation ♥

Who is your biggest enemy? It is your "inner me".

Your biggest hell is not the pain, fear and hardships of life but your perception of reality, the wrong meanings, words, feelings etc that you consciously and unconsciously continually attach to events in your life. It is your lack of productive action, your bad attitudes, your impatience and complaints, that is stopping you from succeeding.

For almost everyone, we are our own worst enemies. And we all need support for personal growth. Take action now and experience what Siraaj can do for you.

You must make Motivation and Inspiration a daily habit!

The Powerful Benefits of Coaching

Do you want things to be easier, quicker, faster, easier, slower, bigger, smaller, richer, sweeter, softer, more lasting and/or balanced?

Do you want to overcome bad habits, limiting beliefs, fears, and weaknesses known and unknown? We provide proven ways for overcoming these.

Do you want achieve new heights of success, happiness and financial freedom? We provide systems, processes, tools and more for achieving these sooner than later or never.

Are you tired of repeating old patterns, playing the blame game, feeling guilty, making excuses, feeling powerless, stuck, lost, confused, angry, frustrated, depressed, and overwhelmed? You need to act to change and the easiest path to success is with the support of those that have been there.

For more information on the benefits of life & Business Coaching see the FAQs page.


Happiness: Are you Enjoying the Journey with Passion?

If you want real success, to enjoy the journey with a big smile and then celebrate it even more richly then we can catalyze this amazing process by you finding your flow, your passion, your path of least resistance, where your heart and being expands with lasting sweet energy, large gates of success open with pomp & ceremony, life begins & your smile lasts, unlimited never ending expansion. Your then realize your inner wish, the wish we all have, the feeling of life, love and laughter, that hope is not a thought but a feeling of what is, what can be and what will be. If only, we took more consistent smart action.

For more information on finding your passion see the Career Coaching


Success: No Action? Stagnation?

Don’t forget, there is no stagnation in life, there is only regression or progression. So if you are doing nothing year after year, you are regressing, losing time not stagnating. And the easiest way to progress with a smile in a life is to act with a meaning, purpose, passion, flow and goodness. So we are not just about achieving goals or making you very wealthy, healthy and happy 5 years from now, it is about the whole journey! It starts now, the only time period you are ever in is now. If you can learn to be present, to be self aware, then you will start to overcome your weaknesses much more easily then you would expect. Stating the obvious, presence, being in the now, is a process, and that degree of presence increases with practice. Hope this has been helpful, enlightening and inspirational for you.

See the Life Coaching page for more powerful learnings.






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