Siraaj provides holistic Life and Business Coaching. He uses technologies from East and West, Spirit and Academia to ensure he gets the best out of you. His model of coaching and training is amongst the most powerful in the coaching industry.

He specialises in

* Life Coaching & Spiritual Life Coaching (some coaches use a 2D model of You, where as they should be using a 3D model of You, find out why this gets better results! Tranform, Live your Potential, Increase your Potential and more!)

* Health Coaching (Learn to use a 4D model of diagnosis of your current health issues)

* Trust Issues: Diagnosing the primary causes of trust issues and understanding them. You move from awareness to self understanding to empowerment.

Coaching is about positive change, freedom and transformation. Coaches help us achieve our dreams and goals. They can motivate and inspire us to lead a life with meaning and purpose.

Coaching is about YOU. It is a process of empowerment in which you take inspired planned action to get better results. There are many lasting benefits including self-growth, more happiness, success, increased emotional intelligence and increased wealth. For  more see the What is Life Coaching? page.

We have hands on experience in preparing business plans and business marketing plans. It is a holistic process which looks at internal and external factors such as your purpose, your team, your goals, budgets, finance and action plans.

A business plan can be one page or 100 pages. There is no right or wrong. There are best practices and different formats suitable for different businesses. We find many people get stuck on the detail or aim for something perfect which is unrealistic. We can help you get started and overcome those hurdles so that you feel empowered about your vision, mission and goals.

For more details see the  Business Coaching page.











Trust Issues? Are you scared to Trust?

  • Learn how to Diagnose Trust Problems using a proven methodolgy, thousands of years old.
  • Overcome fears, limiting beliefs and emotional baggage relating to Trust.
  • Learn how to Trust without fear and loss.
  • Learn how to Trust yourself and your judgment.
  • Learn one of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to resolve trust issues and how to avoid it!
  • Learn how to achieve certainty in decision making and avoid doubt and false hope. Yes it is possible to be confident about your decisions to trust, only if you understand how things work inside you.
  • Find out the big mistake many psychologists, life coachers, motivational speakers, wealth coachers, self help gurus make when providing advice or coaching on trust, succes and you. And join the growing minority of psychologists, life coachers, counsellers, new age healers, gurus, wealth coachers who are achieving lasting positive results for themselves (first) and their many satisfied clients!


♥ Lasting Inspiration and Movitation ♥

Who is your biggest enemy? It is your "inner me".

“Your biggest hell is not the pain, fear and hardships of life but your perception of reality, the wrong meanings, words, feelings etc that you consciously and unconsciously continually attach to events in your life. It is your lack of productive action, your bad attitudes, your impatience and complaints, that is stopping you from succeeding.”   Siraaj Evans

For almost everyone, we are our own worst enemies. And we all need support for personal growth. Take action now and experience what Siraaj can do for you.

You must make Motivation and Inspiration a daily habit!

For more inspiring gems see the AHA moments page.

The Powerful Benefits of Coaching

Do you want things to be easier, quicker, faster, easier, slower, bigger, smaller, richer, sweeter, softer, more lasting and/or balanced?

Do you want to overcome bad habits, limiting beliefs, fears, and weaknesses known and unknown? We provide proven ways for overcoming these.

Do you want achieve new heights of success, happiness and financial freedom? We provide systems, processes, tools and more for achieving these sooner than later or never.

Are you tired of repeating old patterns, playing the blame game, feeling guilty, making excuses, feeling powerless, stuck, lost, confused, angry, frustrated, depressed, and overwhelmed? You need to act to change and the easiest path to success is with the support of those that have been there.

For more information on the benefits of life & Business Coaching see the FAQs page.

Happiness: Are you Enjoying the Journey with Passion?

If you want real success, to enjoy the journey with a big smile and then celebrate it even more richly then we can catalyze this amazing process by you finding your flow, your passion, your path of least resistance, where your heart and being expands with lasting sweet energy, large gates of success open with pomp & ceremony, life begins & your smile lasts, unlimited never ending expansion. Your then realize your inner wish, the wish we all have, the feeling of life, love and laughter, that hope is not a thought but a feeling of what is, what can be and what will be. If only, we took more consistent smart action.

For more information on finding your passion see the Career Coaching

Success: No Action? Stagnation?

Don’t forget, there is no stagnation in life, there is only regression or progression. So if you are doing nothing year after year, you are regressing, losing time not stagnating. And the easiest way to progress with a smile in a life is to act with a meaning, purpose, passion, flow and goodness. So we are not just about achieving goals or making you very wealthy, healthy and happy 5 years from now, it is about the whole journey! It starts now, the only time period you are ever in is now. If you can learn to be present, to be self aware, then you will start to overcome your weaknesses much more easily then you would expect. Stating the obvious, presence, being in the now, is a process, and that degree of presence increases with practice. Hope this has been helpful, enlightening and inspirational for you.

See the Life Coaching page for more powerful learnings.

Wishing you every success with positive energy.

Synergy Diamond Coaching

Siraaj Evans




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